Friday, April 18, 2008

I am still trying to figure this all out!!!

Tanner-Showing that he doesn't have to wear the gear cuz he is "experienced" Show off!!
Chad teaching Abbie that you don't use the throttle and the brake at the same time. Big brother making sure she doesn't wreck his bike. Typical guy!
So I couldn't find my pictures to put on the last post but I figured it out!!! This is Abbie who just learned how to ride about ten min. before. She is a quick learner. Unfortunately she didn't get it from me.
Ok so about three years ago Chad and I would have loooooong arguments about getting a dirt bike for Tanner. Chad would go riding with his brother in law every sat. and his son would come sometimes who was a year older than Tanner and he had so much fun. So Chad would say, "I am going to get a bike for Tanner." "Oh no your not!!!" I would say. So the next year they were going to sale that bike and Chad said I want to buy it. Oh my heck I thought this was already decided. Then I started thinking, if Tanner has a bike then Chad would have to take him with him when he goes riding!!! Then they could have Tanner and Daddy time. (that is what we call it) Yes!! I decided he could have the bike. Like Chad really wouldn't have gotten it. So now Tanner is too big for the bike so Chad thought lets teach Abbie. So tonight was her first lesson and I have to say it is the cutest thing in the world, don't you think. I still can't believe my 6 and 5 yr. know how to ride a motorized vehicle. It kind of freaks me out when I think about it. Now he gets to take two kids with him, how lucky is he :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Liz told me to do it!!

Ok!! I finally joined this whole blogging world. My family took a much needed vacation this week and while we were down there Liz and I would check our club blog and I kept saying I would really like to make a blog for my family. She said well lets do it right now. So here I am. I can't say that I will be able to update it daily or even weekly but I am excited to try. As soon as I get some pics from our vacation I will post them. I forgot to take my camera so Liz and Julie came to my rescue. Hey having one more person to pack for really stressed me out. Thank goodness I have some great sisters and sister in law to come to my rescue!!! Well my messy house it calling me to clean it so Liz if you are reading this you can e-mail some pics to me ya know in your crazy busy life. TTFN ta ta Jaimi