Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ok I guess its time to post about Halloween. I know it was forever ago, but I wanted to post about it anyway for my memories:). I have not like this Holiday for a long time, but it is actually getting funner. I think it has a lot to do with attitude (especially mine) and the excitement the kids have about putting their costumes together and going out trick or treating. It has definitely rubbed off on me. The only bummer this year was that Lucas was still fighting his battle with diarrhea and it was awful that day. He had a rash on both thighs and bum :( I felt so bad for the little guy.
So anyway, on the 30th Brooke (Chad's sis) had a Halloween party for the family. It was a lot of fun, even Chad dressed up. Amazing!!!! We had lots of yummy food and activities for the kids. They had so much fun walking around the "Haunted Mansion" and seeing all the decorations Brooke and Jordan put up. Their favorite part was decorating the haunted houses!! Tanner went through the spook alley and decided next year it would be funner to be in it than to go through it. Ya isn't that what we all think ;) A big shout out to Brooke for all she did to make Halloween a much much more enjoyable Holiday for me.
Saturday the kids got to wear their costumes to school, a little bit of stress for me since I had to get them ready for that but we made it through. After having dinner I took the kids trick or treating. Then we just hung out with the fam at my moms house. I really did have a lot of fun. So here are some pictures of our adventures!!! Oh I guess I should mention who we all dressed as!! Chad - grease monkey? Lucas-the Grinch Abbie-drama queen Jaimi- drama queens mom!! Tanner-guitar hero character (Izzy Sparks w/scary make-up. Sorry for so many pictures I guess I should have done a slide show, Oh well.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What ?

So how come nobody told me that my blog hasn't been updated for FOREVER? Oh, ya I guess that somebody is me. Ok, so I have finally got some pictures and things to blog about. Ever since school started, (I know it has been three months, I'm busy o.k.) I just have other things come up!!! So here is what we have been up to!!!

Over U.E.A. we decided to take a quick trip to St. George!!! It was so nice to be in warm weather, the kids wanted to spend from sun up to sun down at the pool. The funny thing is it obviously wasn't warm enough to be in a swim suit until about noon or 1:00. They begged and begged to go swimming at 9 am the first morning. Enough that it drove me crazy!!!! So I thought ya know what, I will let them go down and get in the water and freeze their butts off, that will teach them. Well I bet you can all guess what happened next, ya the water was warm in the pool, turns out they didn't freeze their butts off. Crap, that backfired. So here are some pictures of them playing in the pool. I didn't let Lucas in the water cuz he had diarrhea, ya that wouldn't be fun cleaning it out of the pool. So I thought you would get a kick out of his picture, how about those teeth. They have grown on me and have to admit it is my favorite part of him (at the time) it totally fits his personality. It was pretty fun in St. George. While we were down there it was Lucas' birthday, so I guess that was his present? Ya, I guess that is what happens on the third child, you decide first birthdays are over rated, the poor babies don't even know or remember what happened. Besides, he had diarrhea anyway so he couldn't have cake. So a week or so later we decided to have a little celebration, for pictures sake. I didn't want him to feel like the third child, forgotten, so he did get one present. His favorite things at the moment, HOT WHEELS, he even makes car sounds when he plays with them. So here are some pictures of the celebration!!!