Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hair for competition!!

Ok so here are the steps to do the 3 ponytail "Mohawk" 1. pull back the front into a "Poof" (that's what the teens are calling it) i use the bobby pins with the ridges and cross them so they stay in. 2. I measure about where the eyes are and pull that hair into a ponytail and make a messy bun. (the hair that you pulled into the poof goes in this pony). 3. Make another pony tail below the first. I part the hair about mid ear and pull that into the pony tail and make a messy bun with that pony. 4. Pull the rest of the hair into a pony tail and make another messy bun. That's it. Looks complicated but all it really is is just three messy buns. Bobby pin any hair that you don't like hanging out, or you can curl it.
It is best to do this hair do with dirty hair, I have tried it with just washed hair and the buns won't mess. So I wouldn't wash it the day of. Also, when pulling the hair back I would wet it a little to get any flyaways and then spray it with hairspray. Leave me a comment if you have any questions. Good Luck :)
p.s Sorry about the blurry pics. abbie changed the setting on my camera and I didn't realize it til I was finished. Plus she wouldn't hold still and my 17 m. old was climbing on me. Ha Ha

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A little treat

Last night after dinner I was having one of those "I need something sweet" moments. I don't know if anyone else has those cravings. Anyway, I didn't really want something heavy, or full of fat. so I saw this recipe on the side of a Vanilla wafers box and decided to make it. The kids helped me and gobbled them up!! Don't they look yummy?

What are you doing?

So I was trying to get the dishwasher unloaded so I could load it, again. As you can see by all the dishes in the back ground. I was putting something away, turned around and saw this. Now of course it is naughty, but he was so proud of pulling himself up like that and thought he was such a big kid. After all he watches his siblings climb on the counter all the time. (one of my pet peaves) So I had to snap some pics of him. Why is it that we are always taking pictures of our kids when they are being naughty? Ok maybe its just me, or my kids do lots of naughty things. :)