Friday, December 19, 2008

New polish!!!!

Here is my Holiday cheer. I am always so giddy when I get my toes painted. So here they are, a little banged up, its been a couple weeks but just had to do a post on the new design.

Breakfast w/Santa!!!

Last weekend I took Tanner and Abbie to Thanksgiving Point to have breakfast w/Santa. There were so many fun activities for the kids to do there as well as many Holiday celebrities the kids got to see. There was face painting, ring toss, crafts,cookie decorating, coloring activities, they also had a booth set up for the kids to write a letter to Santa. As I said there were some celebrities there, Abbie's favorite was Mrs. Clause. She got to have quite a chat with her and the Sugar Plum Fairy" they were so cute with her. Tanner's favorite was The Grinch. The kids could all tell that he wasn't the real deal but liked him just the same. I have to admit he was quite hilarious. We also got to have breakfast as well, which really was not that good but what do you expect when it is buffet style. We enjoyed the day with most of the Sparks' cousins which was a blast. The kids have so much fun together. I am glad I got to spend this time with them. Maybe in a couple years Lucas can join us. Thanks to Chad who stayed home and spent quality time with our babe :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time for another post!!

It has been a while since my last post so I thought I should make another entry. About a month ago (ok maybe more than a month) my sister tagged me. So here it is the 4th picture from my 4th picture file!!!! Tanner's first day of Kindergarten and abbie's first day of pre-school. We had just gotten home from Hawaii, what a nice tan they have!!! So they missed the first weeks of school!! So they started on the same day. I can't believe how young they look :) Tanner looks so sad and abbie looks so happy, the funny thing about that is Tanner went to class just fine, no crying, kicking or screaming. Abbie on the other had to be pried off of me.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ok I guess its time to post about Halloween. I know it was forever ago, but I wanted to post about it anyway for my memories:). I have not like this Holiday for a long time, but it is actually getting funner. I think it has a lot to do with attitude (especially mine) and the excitement the kids have about putting their costumes together and going out trick or treating. It has definitely rubbed off on me. The only bummer this year was that Lucas was still fighting his battle with diarrhea and it was awful that day. He had a rash on both thighs and bum :( I felt so bad for the little guy.
So anyway, on the 30th Brooke (Chad's sis) had a Halloween party for the family. It was a lot of fun, even Chad dressed up. Amazing!!!! We had lots of yummy food and activities for the kids. They had so much fun walking around the "Haunted Mansion" and seeing all the decorations Brooke and Jordan put up. Their favorite part was decorating the haunted houses!! Tanner went through the spook alley and decided next year it would be funner to be in it than to go through it. Ya isn't that what we all think ;) A big shout out to Brooke for all she did to make Halloween a much much more enjoyable Holiday for me.
Saturday the kids got to wear their costumes to school, a little bit of stress for me since I had to get them ready for that but we made it through. After having dinner I took the kids trick or treating. Then we just hung out with the fam at my moms house. I really did have a lot of fun. So here are some pictures of our adventures!!! Oh I guess I should mention who we all dressed as!! Chad - grease monkey? Lucas-the Grinch Abbie-drama queen Jaimi- drama queens mom!! Tanner-guitar hero character (Izzy Sparks w/scary make-up. Sorry for so many pictures I guess I should have done a slide show, Oh well.

Friday, November 7, 2008

What ?

So how come nobody told me that my blog hasn't been updated for FOREVER? Oh, ya I guess that somebody is me. Ok, so I have finally got some pictures and things to blog about. Ever since school started, (I know it has been three months, I'm busy o.k.) I just have other things come up!!! So here is what we have been up to!!!

Over U.E.A. we decided to take a quick trip to St. George!!! It was so nice to be in warm weather, the kids wanted to spend from sun up to sun down at the pool. The funny thing is it obviously wasn't warm enough to be in a swim suit until about noon or 1:00. They begged and begged to go swimming at 9 am the first morning. Enough that it drove me crazy!!!! So I thought ya know what, I will let them go down and get in the water and freeze their butts off, that will teach them. Well I bet you can all guess what happened next, ya the water was warm in the pool, turns out they didn't freeze their butts off. Crap, that backfired. So here are some pictures of them playing in the pool. I didn't let Lucas in the water cuz he had diarrhea, ya that wouldn't be fun cleaning it out of the pool. So I thought you would get a kick out of his picture, how about those teeth. They have grown on me and have to admit it is my favorite part of him (at the time) it totally fits his personality. It was pretty fun in St. George. While we were down there it was Lucas' birthday, so I guess that was his present? Ya, I guess that is what happens on the third child, you decide first birthdays are over rated, the poor babies don't even know or remember what happened. Besides, he had diarrhea anyway so he couldn't have cake. So a week or so later we decided to have a little celebration, for pictures sake. I didn't want him to feel like the third child, forgotten, so he did get one present. His favorite things at the moment, HOT WHEELS, he even makes car sounds when he plays with them. So here are some pictures of the celebration!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh my brain Hurts!!!

O.k. Liz tagged me on her blog. So I am going to try to remember my life 10 yrs. ago!!! Here I go :)
5 Things I was doing 10 yrs. ago:
1. Dating Chad. Wooo hoo. We actually had just got engaged in Sept. of '98
2. Recovering from knee re-constructive surgery.
3. Working at Nature's Sunshine and Teaching dance.
4. Going to school.
5. Staying out WAY too late and then going into work by 6 a.m. Man I wish I had that energy again.

5 Things on Todays (tomorrows since it is 10 pm) to do list:
1. Get kids ready for picture day and to school on time while taking care of a 11 month old and with out a husband. Super MOM!!!
2. Clean!!!! again
3. Choreograph more of a lyrical dance for teen company.
4. Spend some quality time with Lucas. I love doing this. But stress about what else I should be doing.
5. Watch Dancing with the Stars.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Anything thing gummie. Gummie worms, gummie bears etc.
2. Strawberry yogurt with granola.
3. Edamame beans.
4. Diet Coke!!
5. String Cheese

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Ask Chad what amount is actually mine and what should I do with it. He He
2. I guess invest it, but who knows at the time if that really is a good idea.
3. Build a new dance studio for my mom.
4. Put some away for my kids, to pay for school.
5. Go on a shopping spree. Oh not just for clothes, it would be for a house, a car, furniture, the whole nine yards.
(I know it wouldn't go that far probably, but a girl can dream)

5 Jobs I have had:
1. Worked at the Ball Parks snack shack for 2 yrs.
2. Order entry at Nature's Sunshine.
3. Dance Instructor/choreographer, still am.
4. Wife and Mom
5. Currently a Chauffeur, Chef, House cleaner, Therapist, Honey do-er, Entertainer (not that way, for my kids ya know, "Mom, I'm Bored.") and so on and so forth.

O.k. so now my brain hurts!!!
And now I am tagging, Julie (liz did too, but she needs more encouragement), Katie, Shaunna, Cathy and Jilayne (now you have something to blog about, and you don't need to add any pics)

Monday, September 22, 2008


I love love love my toes, I could look at them all day!! Ok not actually my toes, but the paint on them. I went and had them painted today by the so very talented Meg Parry. It has been so long since they have been done, I was due. Look how dang cute!!! I know you are jealous. Thanks to Meg what would I do without you, Well have not very cute toes. Yay, I love them.

Abbie turns 6

For Abbie's B-day I told her we could invite three of her closest friends over, have pizza and cake, then drive up to Justice to shop. She was so excited. She invited her cousins Ella and Sydney and her friend Jaqlyn. They had so much fun, and all got to pick out a shirt and little toy at Justice. They could have cared less about the shirt, they were all about the toys. Silly Girls!!! Here is a slide show of the day. I have to say it was a lot of fun. Happy Birthday Abbs!!!


A couple weekends ago Chad decided it would be fun to take the kids to the zoo!!! I, however, thought of quite a few other things that would be oh, so much more fun. Well, I went along with his plan deciding that the kids would enjoy it and of course that is why we do things like this. It turned out to be a pretty ok thing to do (after Tanner got to see the reptiles) Abbie loved it, and Lucas wasn't to bad, thanks to Chad. He is such a good Dad. We met up with Matt (chad's bro.) and lizzie (matt's little girl) she is soooo cute and Matt is soooo cute with her!!! I did enjoy it, but was ready to leave too. So here are some pictures I took while we were there. Enjoy!!!!

Update on Lucas

Just thought I would update the picture of Lucas' hand. It is all healed now, the picture in this entry was taken about 1 week and 1/2 after he was burned. It is still a little pink but you wouldn't even know it happened. Yap, it is cuz I am such a good mom and kept it clean and bandaged every day. Hey, I had to make up for the idiotic move I pulled of letting it happen in the first place.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I am the worst mom ever!!!!

Ok so maybe I am not the worst mom ever, but I think at times I come in close to 2nd. I guess I should look on the bright side and realize this is the first curling iron burn on any of the three children. I think that is pretty good!! Anyway I was getting Abbie ready for her second day of Kindergarten, she wanted her hair curled, which is pretty normal, I curl her hair a lot. After I was finished I thought " I better take this curling iron in on my bathroom counter to Lucas isn't tempted to grab it." That was my first prompting. So I did, and all three of my kids had to follow me into my bathroom while I was doing this. I kept the curling iron on cuz I was going to curl my hair too. So we walked out of the bathroom, Tanner and Abbie followed, I yelled for Lucas to come too. Ya right I know he is only 10 months old but he always follows me. As I walked to the kitchen to get breakfast going for the two going to school I thought, " I should probably just go pick him up just in case he doesn't follow me" yes, second prompting. Then I heard him crying and I knew what had happened. You guessed it, he had pulled the curling iron down and grabbed it. Ahhhh I am so stupid. My mom says Jaimi the holy ghost was trying to tell you something. I know mom but I had to get the kids fed before they were going to school. Well, I think they ate. I can't remember much after that except a screaming baby and trying to hold his hand under the cold water. Chad came to the rescue and held him while I ran the kids to school, hold back tears so my kids wouldn't get upset before school starts. They did fine, Abbie actually asked if Tanner could take her to class. I was lucky!!! Anyway, I took him to the doctor a 1 1/2 hours later. Yes I had to make an appt. Thanks to Mom for helping me hold it together. Turns out it isn't as bad as it could have been, it is a 2nd degree and we just have to clean it and wrap it everyday. So now I know what happens when you ignore the promptings of the Holy Ghost, won't do that again. He is fine now and besides looking like a clubbed hand he gets around just fine.

First Days of School!!!

Abbie's first day of Kindergarten. It was pretty uneventful too. She woke up early!!! An unusual thing for her to do. She was soo excited. The best thing was that there was no screaming while the hair was getting done, I know it doesn't look like much but blow drying her hair is a process. She was so excited about her back pack, that she wore it to school to meet her teacher to do her assessment. So I had to take a picture of it. That is the reason for the different outfits. I know what you were all thinking!!! She can't make her mind up about clothes already!!! Nope, she knew exactly what she wanted to wear. When we got to school she found her seat sat down and said " Bye Mom!" wow I high tailed it out of there before she could think about what was going on and decide that she didn't want me to leave her. Sweet!! Now if I could just get Lucas to take a nap!! :)

Tanner's first day of 2nd grade went with out a glitch!!! He is a pro now. It was such a good morning Chad got up helped him get ready and I couldn't believe how early he was ready. We actually sat around for ten min. watching t.v. He wanted to go early so he could have a chance to play in Jilayne's class room. Sorry Jilayne!! But even better what do you think of the old school shirt? I love it, it reminds me of back in the day. Luckily Tanner liked it too, since I just bought it hoping he would think it is cool. So he wanted me to take a picture of just his shirt, so here it is!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swimming lessons!!

Better late than never. It was actually the perfect week to have swimming lessons, the weather was awesome. This is Tanner and Abbie with their swim teacher, Lisa Money, now this may seem like a normal picture to you but to me it is a picture of someone I have known as a child, taught dance to and is now teaching my kids!!! Unbelievable, and she is. I can't believe how in 5 days she can teach them so many things. Abbie was so excited to go to swim lessons every morning and would always say "mom I like Lisa her smile is so cute!" So thank you Lisa and your family for sharing their pool and teaching my kids to love the water. I think they are ready for the Olympics!! Ha Ha ok not quite lets give 10 yrs. or so.

Lucas at 9 months!!

I wish I had the time and money to get professional pictures of my children often. Since I have neither this will do, but I do say I completely captured Lucas' personality with these pictures!!! something a professional wouldn't be around to get. I was sitting outside visiting with Abbie as she made "potion" aka Mud, and wasn't watching Lucas as close as I should have. This is what he discovered!!! He was so proud of himself as you can see in these pictures.
At 9 months Lucas is more mobile than Tanner and Abbie were. Tanner never crawled and Abbie did for all of 3 weeks maybe. Lucas, however, crawls and crawls and gets into EVERYTHING!!!!! I never needed a gate for my stairs with the others, now I do, but can't talk myself into buying one. He knows how to go up them very well. So well that I didn't notice him finding the chalk on the porch and proceeding to take a big bite of it!!! Ya when I decided to check on him he turned to me with a big grin and then started chewing. Needless to say I did fish out the chunk of chalk in his mouth. Anyway, these are some of the pictures I took of him and his new favorite thing to eat :) He is such a teaser, I can't stand how cute he is when he knows he is being naughty.