Monday, September 1, 2008

I am the worst mom ever!!!!

Ok so maybe I am not the worst mom ever, but I think at times I come in close to 2nd. I guess I should look on the bright side and realize this is the first curling iron burn on any of the three children. I think that is pretty good!! Anyway I was getting Abbie ready for her second day of Kindergarten, she wanted her hair curled, which is pretty normal, I curl her hair a lot. After I was finished I thought " I better take this curling iron in on my bathroom counter to Lucas isn't tempted to grab it." That was my first prompting. So I did, and all three of my kids had to follow me into my bathroom while I was doing this. I kept the curling iron on cuz I was going to curl my hair too. So we walked out of the bathroom, Tanner and Abbie followed, I yelled for Lucas to come too. Ya right I know he is only 10 months old but he always follows me. As I walked to the kitchen to get breakfast going for the two going to school I thought, " I should probably just go pick him up just in case he doesn't follow me" yes, second prompting. Then I heard him crying and I knew what had happened. You guessed it, he had pulled the curling iron down and grabbed it. Ahhhh I am so stupid. My mom says Jaimi the holy ghost was trying to tell you something. I know mom but I had to get the kids fed before they were going to school. Well, I think they ate. I can't remember much after that except a screaming baby and trying to hold his hand under the cold water. Chad came to the rescue and held him while I ran the kids to school, hold back tears so my kids wouldn't get upset before school starts. They did fine, Abbie actually asked if Tanner could take her to class. I was lucky!!! Anyway, I took him to the doctor a 1 1/2 hours later. Yes I had to make an appt. Thanks to Mom for helping me hold it together. Turns out it isn't as bad as it could have been, it is a 2nd degree and we just have to clean it and wrap it everyday. So now I know what happens when you ignore the promptings of the Holy Ghost, won't do that again. He is fine now and besides looking like a clubbed hand he gets around just fine.


Megan said...

I can't believe you!! JK. That is too bad. Poor Lucas. IT happens Jaimi, to the "BEST" of moms. This to- shall pass!! Hope all is well. Coming home this Christmas. Lets get together!!

utmommy said...

Poor little guy. Glad he is okay.

vk said...

It is so hard to realize when it is a prompting and when it is an over protective mother. SOOOOOO, I just say it is always the Spirit!
Now you have joined the rank of all the other mothers in the world. You are doing a great job! :)


Auger Family said...

Okay so I don't know what is worst...his little hand or your finger nail polish LOL!! Okay so obviously his hand but by looking at your fingernails I can tell you are a good mom! You obviously don't spend time on yourself(and I know you and your fingernails are driving you crazy) and you are with your kids 24/7!
Your great mom and I always learn a lot from you. Especially how patient you are with your kids!

Cathy said...

That is so sad, but at least little kids get over things like this fast. And you're a good mom too!