Monday, September 22, 2008


I love love love my toes, I could look at them all day!! Ok not actually my toes, but the paint on them. I went and had them painted today by the so very talented Meg Parry. It has been so long since they have been done, I was due. Look how dang cute!!! I know you are jealous. Thanks to Meg what would I do without you, Well have not very cute toes. Yay, I love them.


Cathy said...

They are so cute! She is very talented.

the cummins family said...

wish mine looked that cute. im embarrassed by how mine look at this moment. so i wish i was invited to abbies party. it looked like so much fun. :) maybe next year. i want a free shirt too! and the zoo looked fun too. i think we got one pic. besides chasing ammon all over the place. charmay kept telling us the white alligator was fake. so i got real close to look at it and it opened is eye right at me. scared the crap out of me. needless to say, i got out of that building fast!