Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So cute!!! and kinda long post :) he he

A couple months ago I was finally able to get some pictures (professionally) taken of my kids. Whitnee Jenkins ( took them and was so nice to work with my and my kids schedules. I love my pictures and wish you could see them all. But that would make for an even longer entry. So here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!!

Little Lucas!! These are his 1 yr. pics. Honestly every single picture taken caught his personality. Ya gotta love his teeth. He is a busy boy. More that Tanner or Abbie ever was. Always moving, climbing, rolling, talking. The only thing he won't do much of is eat. Loves apples though. He also likes to play with cars, another thing tanner never did. My favorite thing that melts my heart though, giving loves. His loves and kisses are the best. These pics were taken at my moms. What do you think about the hair. I can't handle how cute the "hawk" is.

Abbie at 6 yrs. old. She is a Girl there is not mistaking this. Although, she does like to play outside and get wet and dirty like a boy would. She is extreme in all aspects. Right now here biggest passion is dance (go figure) she dances on a team and gets to travel and compete. Obviously, I think she does such a good job. These pics were taken on my deck and at the studio. So cute :)

Tanner at 7 yrs. old. One of his favorite things to do is write stories and create characters for these stories. Here is one called the "Elf Princess" I think he is amazing at what he does (but then again don't all moms think their kids are). So creative, I swear that brain never stops. Except when that head hits the pillow. These pics were taken in his bedroom!