Saturday, August 16, 2008

Swimming lessons!!

Better late than never. It was actually the perfect week to have swimming lessons, the weather was awesome. This is Tanner and Abbie with their swim teacher, Lisa Money, now this may seem like a normal picture to you but to me it is a picture of someone I have known as a child, taught dance to and is now teaching my kids!!! Unbelievable, and she is. I can't believe how in 5 days she can teach them so many things. Abbie was so excited to go to swim lessons every morning and would always say "mom I like Lisa her smile is so cute!" So thank you Lisa and your family for sharing their pool and teaching my kids to love the water. I think they are ready for the Olympics!! Ha Ha ok not quite lets give 10 yrs. or so.

Lucas at 9 months!!

I wish I had the time and money to get professional pictures of my children often. Since I have neither this will do, but I do say I completely captured Lucas' personality with these pictures!!! something a professional wouldn't be around to get. I was sitting outside visiting with Abbie as she made "potion" aka Mud, and wasn't watching Lucas as close as I should have. This is what he discovered!!! He was so proud of himself as you can see in these pictures.
At 9 months Lucas is more mobile than Tanner and Abbie were. Tanner never crawled and Abbie did for all of 3 weeks maybe. Lucas, however, crawls and crawls and gets into EVERYTHING!!!!! I never needed a gate for my stairs with the others, now I do, but can't talk myself into buying one. He knows how to go up them very well. So well that I didn't notice him finding the chalk on the porch and proceeding to take a big bite of it!!! Ya when I decided to check on him he turned to me with a big grin and then started chewing. Needless to say I did fish out the chunk of chalk in his mouth. Anyway, these are some of the pictures I took of him and his new favorite thing to eat :) He is such a teaser, I can't stand how cute he is when he knows he is being naughty.

Tanner turns 7

July 24th

Abbie and Ella performing with their team at the park. Abbie is in mid cartwheel in this one!
I have to give a shout out to Liz!! What would I do without you and your camera. Maybe one of these days I can repay you for all of the picture taking you do for me. You are the best!!! and yes if you were wondering that is my dad "grandpa dee" who got the tickets for us all so we could sit together. What a good sport!!! and mom "grandma diane" who I think attended her 2nd rodeo ever!!! woo hoo!! or should I say Yee Ha!!
Yes, we went to the rodeo too. Chad missed out on this event (he was conveniently in St. George. Once again a good time was had by all!!! Abbie loves her cowgirl hat.
Matt going on a ride with Abbie and Ella, he is such a good sport. I get a sick stomach just watching them.

Abbie, Ella, Tanner, Sydney, Richard, and Ammon on puff. See how much fun they are having!
Attending the carnival. The kids have a blast but we (the adults) just try to endure it!!! Remember its for the kids!!!!
Tanner, Sydney, Nic at the parade. Abbie waving to all the Beauty Queens coming by, I think it is soo cute, she has done this ever since she has learned to wave.

Ok so here are some more pictures of what we did in the summer. Of course you can't call your self a Spanish Forkin' if you don't participate in the festivities of Fiesta Days. I hear a lot of people my age say how its not like it used to be, but I think that is because we are "old" now so it doesn't seem as magical as it was. I do believe that the parade is not like it used to be, it seems now that it is just a walking advertisement for all the businesses around. It wouldn't be such a bad thing if they would think of entertaining the crowd instead of just walking the parade route. Anyway, my kids think it is a blast and that is why I do it. I want them to have the same or even better memories of childhood that I had, and mine were magical to me. So anyway here are some of the things we did during Fiesta Days!!!

Summer Activities

I know I know it has been forever since I have blogged. Life happens!!! So here are some of the things we have done after returning from our trip. We have had a lot of fun this summer. Like everyone else I cannot believe that it is over. What ever happened to the just laying around doing nothing summers. Oh ya, that went away when I decided to have children. Oh well, life would be boring without them. So anyway, we took the kids to the "Stadium of Fire" we were so lucky to get tickets (thanks to Jilayne and Liz) I will say that the girls enjoyed it more than the boys, all in all we had a blast. Thank you Todd and Shaunna for letting my baby boy spend the night!!! Here are some pictures of the parade, Chad took Abbie and Tanner, I stayed home with Lucas. Also, pictures of "Stadium of Fire". I am so grateful for having a chance to spend time with our family, we are so lucky to live close to each other.