Thursday, December 30, 2010

Might as well Update !!

For some reason I cannot sleep and I was sitting at my computer browsing blogs and thought I might as well shock all 2 of you that look at my blog and make a post!!! and also give a little update on what's been going on this year for the Sparks Family.
First off I just wanted to post some pics we had taken in Sept. by the wonderful Whitnee Jenkins. I love them and wanted to show them off. Then if you feel like it you can read a little of our crazy life. :-)

This year has flown by like no other has!!
Chad, I think had contributed the most to this. He has been so dang busy I would have to stop everyone once in a while to make sure he was still an occupant in our home. The reason he has been so crazy busy is besides his current job, he has decided to start a new business of his own!!! So that has come with many out of town and country trips (besides the ones he does on a regular basis every 2weeks for his 1st job) many sleepless nights and a lot of stress. He is doing an amazing job though and I am so thankful for having such an ambitious husband. With more trips already planned for 2011 I can guarantee this next year will fly by just as quickly.
I am still doing what I have always done. I manage the household, am a chauffeur, nurse, therapist, mom, wife, house cleaner, cook (although not a very good one), dance teacher and choreographer, hair stylist (just to my kids, but I take it very serious), planner, ward chorister, babysitter and just a one of a kind down to earth woman (Ha Ha not really but a girl can dream right?). Sometimes I love it and and sometimes not so much. But wouldn't trade it for anything else. I am a lucky gal!!!
Tanner turned 9 this year and started 4th grade. So weird (I still think I am a 21 yr. old newly wed). He loves his teacher and had met a lot of new friends at school. He is still way into to drawing and I finally have put him in art lessons. He loves it and would stay there all day if he could. He also got into Tennis and Golf this year and has really liked them. Hopefully we can add skiing to that list soon!
Abbie, oh man where to start. Well she turned 8 this year and started 2nd grade. She is every thing you would think a girl to be and then some. She is dancing this year again and also taking gymnastics. Which keeps her busy Mon-Thurs. but rarely complains about it. Only when the time change happened and it was dark outside when gymnastics got out, then that became quite a struggle. She helps a lot with Lucas and brings such an energy to the home.
Lucas just turned 3 in oct. and he is a not stop tornado. He has finally picked up on talking and now we all wish he would have waited at least a little longer. He never stops talking (which most the time is bossing me around) He loves Ironman and Buzz Lightyear and makes me fly him around the house while he sings each of the theme songs. He is so fun though and is always making my day.
So when I figure how to get some pics up of our christmas (old camera) that will be my next post.


Shaunna said...

ok, so I noticed within 22 hours of posting! I keep track of you Miss Jaimi! We missed you today out in the snow. It was a great time! Anyway, glad to see you haven't completely dropped out of the blogging world!

Jackson Family said...

YAY! I am so glad you posted your pictures are adoable!

sara said...

Look at that, more then two people have checked on you! Your pictures are great, and I loved hearing about the family. They all look so big! Lets get together again, SOON!

the cummins family said...

surprise! people do check your blog!:)