Monday, September 5, 2011

Abbie @ Miss Utah

Abbie was invited by Miss Payson aka: jaime stanton, to be her Little Miss at Miss Utah this year.
The Little Misses were the escorts for their contestant and also performed in the Opening number and did a promenade in their evening wear.
This meant we were required to be to every dress rehearsal, as well as each performance for 5 days!!! Holy cow was that a big commitment. We drove up to Salt Lake everyday around 12 pm and got home each night around 11pm.
It was such a great experience for Abbie, she had so much fun meeting new friends, and being on stage.
Jaime was representing Payson and did an awesome job, winning the talent portion on her night of preliminaries. I was so proud of her and felt so happy for her. All of her hard work and dedication paid off. Her goal was to at least win talent. I was so lucky to be able to teach and choreograph for this amazing girl. I wish I would have had her talent and brains when I was 19.

I wasn't able to get a pic. of Abbie in her evening gown cuz my dang battery did right when I turned it on to take the picture. Luckily Jaime's dad stepped in with his camera and snapped a few. Still working on getting him to send them to me. Ha Ha We did however get one with Jaime in her evening gown. Doesn't she look gorgeous? We are all wondering how in the world does she get her hair to look that perfect and shiny!!! Care to share your secrets? Thanks to Jaime and her family for all they did for us during this week. It was so fun!!!

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