Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are you a Gamer?

So... I have been needing to blog for a while but haven't been wanting to blog about christmas. It was fun but ya know nothing to brag about :) So I thought to just see what I had on my camera. Well this is what it was. Yap, we are all gamers. The good thing though is that it does not consume our lives. Thank heavens my kids don't have to play 24/7 or life would not be fun come homework time. They are good kids. I usually let them play when they want (which is not often) when I ask them to turn of the games they, for the most part, will obey me. I think Lucas is so cute!!! Whenever he just hears the PS2 turn on he comes runnin' usually from the other side of the house, to play with his guitar. Abbie, yes that is Kit, who must be and do everything she is. Well there you go, finally a new post.

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utmommy said...

Yeah, we are gamers too.

Love the picture of Lucas!