Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A fun weekend!!!

For Valentines I got Chad a Valentine cookie bouquet. Thanks for sharing some bites with me. The kids got a decorated cookie as well, along with a new dvd!! This is the first year I have gotten them more than a treat. Chad says that Valentines isn't really for kids. He is right, but hey I just wanted to do something fun. They were excited and it kept them entertained for most of the day!!! I love my family and am so greatful for the joy and love they bring to my life, and to Chad who is always making me feel like his Valentine!! Later in the day the cousins came over and we made sugar cookies together and delivered them to neighbors. We had a fun and exhausting day!!!
Aren't these two girls just the cutest things ever. Abbie and Ella had so much making cookies. Ella got a little side tracked and started making faces in the dough. They are so silly!!! and very, very messy. I should have taken a picture of the floor beneath them. OH MY!! is all I can say:)

Nic, quietly working on his masterpiece!!! He was the cleanest out of the bunch, not one piece of dough or flour was on the floor beneath him.
Tanner, cutting out his cookies, he didn't want to do hearts, (to sissy) so I let him and Nic use more manly cookie cutters like hmmm Snowmen? and Christmas Trees
Of course, it is my nature to take over, send the kids out of the kitchen to play and finish the project with a little less chaos. It was fun to let them make their own, and to have their cousins to share their valentine cookies with. You can see Tanners special frosting on the cookie in the top right corner. He was proud of his creation.

Abbie all decked out in her Valentine wear and hair. (thanks to all the hair blogs out there for the ideas!!! This was my fav.

We had a fun weekend hanging out with the kids and just relaxing. Well I am not sure I really did much of that, making sugar cookies, for me anyway, takes a lot out of me. Thanks to my sweet Valentine for the beautiful roses. Two years in a row!!! I think your getting the hang of it.:) I feel like I am his valentine everyday, it is nice to get a reminder though. Here are some pictures of some of the things we did!!!


utmommy said...

How fun! Love the roses!

Cathy said...

You are so fun! I wish I had the energy to do fun stuff for every holiday. Maybe someday.

liz said...

Looks like you (or should I say the kids) had fun! Thanks for entertaining Nic and Ella that day. :)

lindsey v said...

jaimi, you're such a cute mom! I need some hair-do lessons from you. abby's hair is always so dang cute. looks like your valentines was a good one!

Auger Family said...

Loved Abbies hair. Her hair looks good everyday. Your a nice aunt to do that. I am like you and eventually have to take over. :) Glad your hubby is on the ball! :)

Gina said...

Sounds like a super fun day. Anything beats my valentines day. Andy and I were both sick. Your kids are so cute!

Cathy said...

New Post! New Post! New Post! New Post! New Post!