Thursday, March 18, 2010

Halloween in March?

Yes I know its been 5 months since Halloween but I just have to put these pics up!! I know you'll get a kick out of this!! Tanner had such a hard time deciding what he wanted to be and he kept saying he wanted to be a girl. Chad was a little apprehensive about this. (go figure) I felt like being a girl was a little boring so I thought "Hey! I should get out my old cheer uniforms and see if they would work" Well guess what? They actually fit him!!! So a SFHS cheerleader he was, the best part? It was free :)
Abbie was a fairy and a beautiful one at that, don't you think? Yes I painted her face, not too bad for an amateur (should of had tanner do it, he's the artist)
Lucas was a skeleton, he is the hardest kid to get a picture of. O-well you get what you get!! It was a fun day and I actually enjoyed taking the kids out trick or treating. Now what to do next year? mmmm I think I'll need some ideas :)


utmommy said...

Cute cute!

Cathy said...

Holy cuteness! I'm glad you posted these.

sara said...

Too cute! I say it is never to late to post, or I would never do it ;)